5 Search Engine Optimization Tips

San Diego search engine optimization is one of the main ways businesses are finding customers today. Staying up to date with the latest SEO trends is important for every businesses Internet Marketing. Here are 5 tips we think can improve every websites SEO.

#1 Choose The Right Keywords

Choosing the best keywords for your website is probably one of the most important aspects of SEO. This doesn’t always mean you have to pick keywords with the highest traffic levels. Sometimes it’s better to choose keywords with less traffic, but that have a higher chance of delivering conversions.

#2 Obtain Backlinks

Building links that point back to your website is can help improve rankings a lot. When Google sees your website url listed on quality websites across the web, it shows Google that your site is popular. Google often ranks websites they see as being popular, higher than less popular ones. The best way to start building backlinks is by posting your websites url on your company’s social media profiles.

#3 Use Keywords in Titles

Titles are crucial when it comes to maintaining quality rankings. Page titles are one of the first things Google’s spiders see when they’re scanning website content. We recommend using your main focus keyword in the first title on the page so that the topic of the page is clear to Google.

#4 Post Quality Content Often

Posting content on your website frequently is one of the best ways to improve and maintain rankings. We recommend publishing interesting blog articles with one or two keywords in each post.

#5 Optimize Images

Images are a great place to incorporate keywords. Using one keyword on each image Meta title usually helps improve SEO.

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By Marcher Internet Marketing

Over the years we’ve helped numerous small businesses succeed with Internet Marketing. Before our company was established, our founder Blake Marcher first learned about Internet Marketing while working an internship during college. Once the internship had ended Blake was hooked on Internet Marketing and wanted to pursue it as a full time career. During his career Blake managed numerous campaigns for a number of different small businesses in San Diego. In 2015, Blake decided to branch out and start his own SEO agency called Marcher Internet Marketing. Today our company helps small businesses from all across the country be successful with SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing and Web Design.