How To Write Quality Meta Titles & Descriptions

The most important thing to remember when writing a Meta title and description is to make sure it provides users with an accurate summary of your pages content. Websites, especially new ones, have to fight their way to get noticed when people search for their services. In a setting where the competition is tough, first impressions really count a lot. Over the years our local SEO agency has written hundreds of Meta titles and descriptions. Meta titles and descriptions play an important role in increasing the chances that people will click on your website when it appears in search results. They serve as a first impression and can make or break conversion rates depending on how well they’re written.

What Is A Meta Description?

A Meta description is used to help users get an idea of the content they can expect to see if they click on your website. In the search results these descriptions appear below every websites URL.

Writing Meta Titles & Descriptions

While Meta descriptions can be any length, it is best if they’re about 160 characters (including spaces). We recommend using your pages main keyword once in the Meta title and once in the Meta description. That way the search engines will be able to clearly see your main keyword when they index your website. Your Meta titles and descriptions should also clearly communicate the marketing message behind every page they’re written for. Quality Meta content usually highlights the benefits of the products or services being sold. Highlighting the benefits usually helps convince users to click through to the website.

Using a call to action at the end of the description is another great way to improve conversion rates. It’s also important to use action-oriented language in your Meta content. This can help encourage users see the value in clicking through to your website. These descriptions have to provide a benefit or a solution and have to meet users expectations. Effective Meta titles and descriptions tell users what they should expect to see when they will click on a website. Making sure users find what they’re expecting when they click on your website is very important. If a websites Meta content doesn’t match its page content, many users will likely leave the website shortly after arriving.

This situation (often referred to as “bounce rate”) usually occurs when users read a Meta description and expect to find one thing on the website, but end up finding something completely different when they get there. Having a high bounce rate (many users leaving your website without going to additional pages) can also hurt SEO rankings. Google ranks websites that offer value to users higher in the search results. When they see a website with a high bounce rate, they’ll usually view that website as being less valuable. As a result, the websites rankings will likely drop in the search results. Making sure users find what they’re looking for when the get to your website is the best way to improve bounce rates and conversion rates.

Local SEO Agency

Websites that have quality Meta titles and descriptions usually have higher rankings in the search results. As a result, these websites usually see more traffic and more sales. If you’re looking to improve your websites rankings and boost sales, our local SEO agency can help. We also offer web design services if you need to build a new website or re-design an existing one. Additionally, we’re featured on’s Top eCommerce Web Design Companies list. Contact us today to learn more.

By Marcher Internet Marketing

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