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How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook ads are a major component of search engine marketing in San Diego. Today there’s over a billion people on Facebook. Additionally, the company also makes billions of dollars from the money advertisers spend every year on Facebook ads. Unlike Google, Facebook allows advertisers to target customers very specifically. Advertisers can spend as little as a few dollars a day and still make huge returns. Even though Facebook ads are relatively simple in concept, they can easily become complicated if they’re not set up and managed correctly.

Getting Started With Search Engine Marketing in San Diego

Facebook ads are a great way to get into search engine marketing in San Diego. To advertise on Facebook, you must be a registered user. Next, you’ll need to create a business page for your company, unless you already have one set up. It’s always best to use the same logo, business address and contact information on both your website and Facebook page. You’ll also need a picture to use as a cover photo for the page. Many businesses choose pictures of their stores or products for to use as cover photos. You’ll also need to describe what your business does and add your website address to the “About” section of the page. After the page has been set up we recommend inviting your friends on Facebook to like the page so they can see regular updates about the page. Creating ads for your page is another great way to get more page likes and website visitors as well.

How To Set Up Facebook Ads

1. Link the ad to your website

Creating a Facebook ad is a relatively simple process. The first step is to specify the destination you want users to go to when they click the ad. If you’re looking for more website traffic, it’s best to take users to a high-performing page on your website. On the landing page, it’s important to make your goals clear to users. Some goals can include getting users to submit contact information, call your business or purchase products directly from your website.

2. Choose an interesting photo and write an effective description

On the ad you’ll want to include a high-quality photo that captures users attention. For the ads description we recommend including a call to action so users know what to do if they’re interested in buying products or services from your business. Using a short video for the ad is another great way to improve ad engagements and conversion rates as well.

3. Select a goal for the ad

Advertisers can create ads on Facebook designed to achieve different goals. Some aim to get more likes on their pages, while others choose to direct people to their websites. If your website is an ecommerce website, directing users to your website usually is the best way to go since users can buy products directly from your website.

4. Determine your target audience

Facebook is unique in that they allow advertisers to target people base on location, age, gender, education, languages, interests, etc. When starting out it’s usually best to target a small number of people who are likely to have an interest in your businesses products or services. Targeting the right location is also very important. For example, if you own a local business in San Diego, it’s usually better to just target users who are located in San Diego, rather than targeting users throughout the entire state of California.

5. Pay for the ads

There’s two ways to pay for Facebook ads. The first is Pay Per Click. This is usually effective for businesses that are looking for the best ROI’s from their ad budgets. The other model is Pay Per Impression. This model is great for businesses that are looking to build brand awareness. Once you’ve chosen a payment model and a daily budget for your ads, you’ll then be able to add your credit card or PayPal to your advertising account. Once you’re ads have been approved by Facebook, they’ll start running and be visible to users.

San Diego Search Engine Marketing

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