Choosing Keywords For Local SEO

When it comes to local SEO in San Diego keywords are essential. Every search on the Internet begins with a search engine. Billions of people type in words and phrases related to the products and services they’re looking for everyday. These words are sometimes similar, but in most cases are unique. Local SEO usually begins with keyword research. This is the process of finding popular keyword phrases people are using to search for different products or services that are located in a specific geographic area. Choosing the right keywords and implementing them across your website correctly can be the differentiating factor in the success of your websites local SEO in San Diego.

How To Decide Which Keywords To Use

1. Study the competition

We recommend searching for keyword phrases related to your industry and studying the top ranking websites meta titles and descriptions. For example, if you were looking to rank your site for the phrase top ranked digital agencies in San Diego, you could search for “top ranked digital agencies in San Diego” and then read through the first 10 to 20 meta titles and descriptions to find out which meta format was ranking the best. Reading through the competitions SEO is one of the easiest ways to find out which keywords are being used most frequently in your industry.

2. Create a list of keywords

When you’re searching for keywords, it’s always good to create a list of the keywords that appear most frequently on the first page. That way you can refer back to the list when you’re researching keyword traffic volumes.

3. Use long tail phrases

Focus on choosing phrases instead of individual keywords. For example, instead of choosing the word “hardware,” try choosing a phrase like “best hardware stores in San Diego.” The keyword phrases you choose should be location specific, since you’re targeting the local community.

4. Use keyword research tools

The final step is determining if the keywords you selected are popular enough to deliver quality levels of traffic to your website. If you run an AdWords campaign, Google offers a Keyword Planner tool. This tool can show you how many times specific keyword phrases were searched for during different months of the year. Additionally, there are many SEO software providers that offer paid monthly subscriptions for SEO keyword research tools. If you build backlinks and need quality SEO management, and want software that makes insightful and useful recommendations – Linkio might be what you’ve been looking for.

The Value Of Picking Quality Keywords For Your Website

The keywords you select should be relevant to the content on your website so you attract the right people to your website. Attracting quality traffic to your website usually translates to better customer acquisition rates and ROI’s. If the keywords you choose are similar to the keywords that major brands in your industry are using, and you have a new website or haven’t implemented SEO on your website before, it will likely be difficult to rank your website on the first page. Sometimes choosing less popular or more specific keywords is the best way to go. More specific keywords are usually easier to rank for, which means that you’ll have a higher chance of achieving a quality ROI, than if you were focus on ranking for highly competitive keywords.

Local SEO San Diego

Choosing the right keywords before working on creating SEO content is the best way to drive your content strategy forward and prevent potential SEO frustrations in the future. If your website is able to achieve higher rankings, you’ll likely see a boost website traffic, which often translates into more sales. At Marcher Internet Marketing we’re experts at local SEO in San Diego, CA and know what it takes to rank websites on the first page of the search results. If you’re looking to improve website rankings and boost sales, contact us today.

By Marcher Internet Marketing

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